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Enriched with Gluta-Hya Serum Burst UV, this advanced combination of ingredients is 10X more powerful than Vitamin C*, giving your skin a boost to help combat dryness and dullness. This moisturising formula contains Hyaluronic Acid and 10X Niacinamidel^. 10x* Niacinamide to boost skin’s natural radiance. Hyaluronic acid is known to boost the skin’s moisture for luminous skin Feel the difference as Vaseline’s trusted formula with petroleum jelly goes to work to moisturise deep within the epidermis** and seal in moisture for long-term results. The light, fast-absorbing and non-greasy formula leaves your skin feeling moisturised and fresh. After a shower, smooth a generous amount of Vaseline Even Tone Smooth Radiance Body Lotion on arms, legs, and wherever your skin needs a boost of extra moisture and care. You can even use it as a hand cream. Trust clinically proven^^ Vaseline for everyday skin care that works. *From comparative antioxidant performance, based on in vitro test done with GlutaGlow technology **in the epidermis. Vaseline Jelly is renowned for its ability to lock in moisture ^Compared to VaselineSPF24PA++Lotion. ^^Based on clinical test, with regular use. Results vary depending on the individual’s skin condition
How to use
Use twice a day for best results. Apply thoroughly on the body to avoid product rubbing off on clothes.