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The Avant Proactive Mandelic Acid Restoring & Anti-Pollution Toner works to gently exfoliate, refresh and stimulate dry and congested complexions. This toner aims to remove the last remnants of make-up and cleanser. It helps remove all impurities from your skin whilst improving tone, tightening pores and restoring your skin immediately after cleaning.

The science

Proactive Mandelic Acid Restoring & Anti-Pollution Toner is fortified with powerful ingredients including Mandelic Acid, Wheat Protein and Copper.

Mandelic Acid aims to target hyperpigmentation including age spots, blemishes, blotches and uneven skin tones.

Renowned as one of the most effective pore minimisers, Wheat Protein aims to balance moisture and gently nourish, enhancing skin vitality and leaving a dewy complexion.

Copper helps stimulate Collagen and Elastin synthesis, whilst aiming to maintain the strength of the skin, controling shine and minimising breakouts.